How to ban/veto a baker

LP holders on QuipuSwap can not only vote for specific bakers, but they may also use their LPs to veto a specific baker (i.e. ban him from being a baker in a pool for a time).

Generally, shareholders band together to veto a baker if they believe him to be unreliable or if he is overstaked.

Only a third of staked shares in the Governance section of the pool is required to veto a delegate.

The candidate is banned for 3 months and cannot receive votes during this period. Users can then withdraw their votes or restake them for other bakers. When a delegate is banned the second-best candidate becomes the delegate. But if the new delegate is banned afterward, the new delegate becomes None until any voting.

Steps to cast a veto vote:

1. Go to the "Voting" section;

2. Select the "Veto" tab;

3. Enter the number of LP shares you want to vote against the delegate and click "Veto";

Once the transaction is confirmed, your votes will be counted.

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