An entrypoint that allows anyone to launch an auction for any NON whitelisted token.

You need to add the Auction contract as the operator for your QUIPU tokens to make a first bet.

Call parameters

type tez_t              is unit

type fa12_token_t       is address

type fa2_token_t        is [@layout:comb] record [
  token                   : address;
  id                      : nat;

type token_t            is
| Tez                     of tez_t
| Fa12                    of fa12_token_t
| Fa2                     of fa2_token_t

type launch_auction_t   is [@layout:comb] record [
  token                   : token_t;
  amt                     : nat;
  bid                     : nat;


const auctionAddress = "KT1...";
const params = {
    token: {
        token: "KT1...",
        id: 0,
    amt: 100,
    bid: 10,
const auction = await;
const operation = await dexCore.methodsObject.launch_auction(params).send();

await operation.confirmation();


  • 305 - token for auction is whitelisted. It is not possible to start an auction with whitelisted tokens.

  • 307 - Auction contract have insufficient balance of tokens for a new auction launch.

  • 308 - user's bid is less than minimum bid for an auction launch or less that previous bid.

  • 412 - non payable entrypoint (can't accept TEZ tokens during call of an entrypoint).

  • FA2_NOT_OPERATOR - Auction contract is not an operator for users' QUIPU tokens.

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