How to create a new liquidity pool

1. Visit the Liquidity Seсtion and choose the "Add" tab.

2. Choose the tokens you want to add from the available list of addresses.

If such a pool does not really exist, you will see the notification "Note! The pool doesn't exist. You will create a new one."

Pay attention: we don't recommend adding NFT tokens to QuipuSwap. Please, use specialized Marketplaces.

6. Check the current market price of your tokens and their price ratio. It will be used as a starting point in the following operations.

7. Click the "Add" button.

8. Confirm this transaction in your wallet

Attention!** you will pay approximately 7XTZ (tez/token pools) or 0.2XTZ (token/token pools) as a storage fee for creating a Liquidity Pool. It's a one-time payment to store your smart contract in the Tezos blockchain.**

That's all. Your Liquidity pool is created.

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