An entrypoint that allows any user to withdraw an auction fee. Will withdraw all available fee. All fees will be transferred to the Auction contract and the sender of the transaction will receive a reward (% of the withdrawn amount) in tokens that were withdrawn.

Call parameters

type token_id_t         is nat

type tez_t              is unit

type fa12_token_t       is address

type fa2_token_t        is [@layout:comb] record [
  token                   : address;
  id                      : nat;

type token_t            is
| Tez                     of tez_t
| Fa12                    of fa12_token_t
| Fa2                     of fa2_token_t

type withdraw_fee_t     is [@layout:comb] record [
  pair_id                 : option(token_id_t);
  token                   : token_t;



Identifier of the liquidity pool (pair)



FA1.2/FA2/TEZ token


const dexCoreAddress = "KT1...";
const parmas = {
    pair_id: undefined, // or null, or an existing TOK/TEZ liquidity pool (pair) ID
    token: {
        fa2: {
            token: "KT1...",
            id: 0,
const dexCore = await tezos.contract.at(dexCoreAddress);
const operation = await dexCore.methodsObject.withdraw_auction_fee(parmas).send();

await operation.confirmation();


  • 108 - pair (pool) with the specified token_id not listed.

  • 136 - reentrancy.

  • 143 - pair_id parameter not provided (in case of withdrawing TEZ tokens).

  • 412 - non payable entrypoint (can't accept TEZ tokens during call of an entrypoint).

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