QUIPU Tokenomics

Token Details:

Token name and symbol: QUIPU

Contract address: KT193D4vozYnhGJQVtw7CoxxqphqUEEwK6Vb

Type: FA2

Total supply: 10 000 000

Decimals: 6

Initial distribution:

So far we have conducted two QUIPU airdrops as a thank you to our long-time users. A modest amount of tokens is reserved for future community rewards.

Circulated tokens after the second airdrop: 845 070 QUIPU

Circulated supply after the second airdrop is 8.4% (6% airdrops, 2.4% other funds)

Token distribution model:

Token use cases:

QUIPU tokens will be used in QuipuSwap governance and as a means of payment for future additional QuipuSwap services.

More details about QuipuSwap tokenomics you may find in this article.

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