How to get TEZ

Tezos, Tez, or XTZ is the native Tezos blockchain coin that is used not only to purchase other assets but to pay all the fees within the Tezos network. You will need some Tez to start trading on QuipuSwap.

To buy Tez with fiat you can use any external exchange. Acquire XTZ and send them to your Tezos wallet.

If you already have some crypto assets, you can also use an in-built Temple wallet feature.

Centralized approach

Centralized exchanges require KYC but they are still the most reliable venue to buy crypto with fiat. Check this page for a list of exchanges that support Tezos. Pick an exchange, register an account, buy Tezos and send these tokens to your Tezos address.

We have a tutorial on how to send XTZ from Binance to Temple wallet. But the process should be similar whatever exchange you choose to use.

Decentralized options

If you want to buy TEZ using decentralized solutions then it’s better to use the in-build feature in Atomex wallet. In this wallet, you may swap your BTC or LTC to Tezos.

Also, as we mentioned before, the Temple wallet has integrated a third-party service, Exolix exchange, that allows users to swap tokens from other blockchains into XTZ.

And read this guide for troubleshooting.

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