An entrypoint that executes after execution of user's lambda but only in case when user is trying to loan TEZ tokens. It checks the returns of TEZ tokens and fills it to the appropriative Bucket contract.

When user need to return TEZ tokens, he need to transfer correct amount of TEZ tokens to the DexCore contract at the end of his lambda execution.

Call parameters

type token_id_t         is nat

type flash_swap_1_t     is [@layout:comb] record [
  pair_id                 : token_id_t;
  prev_tez_balance        : nat;
  amount_in               : nat;


token_id_t (nat)

Identifier of the liquidity pool (pair)



TEZ balance of DexCore contract before execution of user's lambda



The number of incoming tokens (amount that user must repay)


Only DexCore contract can call this entrypoint.


  • 108 - pair (pool) with the specified token_id not listed.

  • 113 - a Bucket contract not found (not TOK/TEZ LP pair).

  • 129 - wrong amount of flash swap returns.

  • 138 - only entered (transaction must be not the first transaction in the chain of calls).

  • 403 - sender of the transaction is not DexCore contract.

  • 412 - non payable entrypoint (can't accept TEZ tokens during call of an entrypoint).

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