Withdrawal actions contain 3 entrypoints that allow the user to withdraw underlying tokens by burning liquidity tokens.

  • Balanced divest - classic removing liquidity without any additional fees.

  • Imbalanced divest - allows to withdraw specific amount of underlying token(-s).

  • Divest in one coin - allows to withdraw in one of underlying token by burning specific amount of shares.


Divest imbalance vs divest one

If you try to divest in imbalanced method you should pass required amount(-s) of output token(-s) and maximum of LP token (shares) to be burnt.

When you try to divest in one coin you should pass amount of shares to be burnt and minimal amount of token that you want to receive.

All of sent shares would be burnt when divest in one coin. Even if shares value greater than avaliable reserves of token.

In each way you would pay some fees to pool for imbalanced divest.

If you divest in balanced way, you wouldnโ€™t pay any fees.

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