The QuipuSwap community is composed of five primary user roles: liquidity providers, traders, bakers, voters, and developers.

Liquidity providers create liquidity pools and provide them with Tez and the corresponding FA1.2 and FA2 tokens.

Traders earn trading fees and may participate in our liquidity mining programs. Traders exchange one token for another.

Bakers manage individual pool’s assets when it comes to baking in Tez/token pools and encourage liquidity providers to vote for them by, for example, offering them better rewards.

Voters stake their shares to vote for their chosen baker (that they feel is contributing to a system’s wellbeing and maximizing the baking rewards) or against a malicious one. Voting only happens in Tez/token pools.

Developers build solutions to directly integrate QuipuSwap smart contracts to power new and exciting interactions with tokens, trading interfaces, retail experiences, etc.

This list is not exhaustive. As the protocol develops, more roles such as governor or liquidity miner might be introduced.

In general, interactions between the roles create a positive feedback loop, allowing for new economic opportunities in the Tezos ecosystem and paving the way to more complex solutions.

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